About Company

Lamark Biotech Pvt. Ltd. is a biotechnology company focusing on the Research and Development of Thermostable biologics (refrigeration independent). The company has a team of experienced scientists from India, Europe, and the United States at its core, who collectively have more than 150 high-quality publications and multiple patents. The company was founded in India in 2018 and was established in Genopole, Paris, France in the year [Insert].

Lamark Biotech Pvt. Ltd. also plans to have a subsidiary in the United States by the end of 2022. Lamark is developing research facilities in Vellore, India. The company also has a corporate office in Bangalore, India, and access to R&D facilities in Granada, Spain. The Company’s products have manifold temporal and thermal stability; which will help to increase the accessibility and decrease the cost of life-saving medicines.

Our Vision

Molecular medicine, i.e., therapeutic proteins, gene therapies, and cell therapies, have progressed exponentially in the last two decades. However, most do not support a sustainable model for healthcare, and the majority of patients in the developing world could not afford them. Our vision is to improve the affordability and accessibility of essential modern medicines by developing innovative scientific solutions that can promote sustainable business strategies and pricing models.
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Our Mission

Cold chain dependence limits the accessibility of proteins and substantially alleviates the cost of logistics and storage. Further, it is an extra variable for pharma companies, which is difficult to manage during quality control procedures. Our first mission is to reduce the dependence of protein biologics on the cold chain for transportation and storage. This will comfortably bring down the cost by 20 percent and significantly increase the accessibility and ease of logistics in developing nations.
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Our Objectives

In sync with our mission, the company has developed its first product Insulin Strong. Insulin is a therapeutic protein and an essential medicine to manage diabetes. Insulin Strong is a crystalline form of recombinant human Insulin (rhI) which is refrigeration independent. This molecule is stable at high temperatures and has a shelf life of two years at room temperature.

Our primary Objective for the next 18 months is to complete the preclinical studies and develop standard operating protocols for 10-liter scale production in GMP conditions. Our first major milestone will be to file IND applications (at CDSCO, FDA, and EMA) to initiate clinical studies under biosimilar/follow-on category for Insulin Strong. Our Secondary objective for the next 12 months is to create a POC for four more clinical verticals (a viral vaccine, Glargine (Insulin analog & a Monoclonal antibody).

Our Collaborations and Strategic Alliances

We are working collaboratively with multiple companies, research labs, and market research experts. Lamark Biotech will carry out R&D activities at VIT-TBI, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, India. The company has collaboration with Inqognito our market research partners, India, cGMP production, and clinical studies Andalusian Initiative for Advanced Therapies (IATA), Spain.

We are a B2B company and trying to collaborate with pharma companies for API manufacturing, clinical studies & marketing. Together we expect to place the refrigeration independent Insulin Strong on the shelf of every pharmacy outlet before 2030.

Our Technology

Lamark would be a global pioneer in breaking cold chain dependence for Insulin. We are a biotechnology company focused on R & D that develops thermostable Biologics, which are multifold stable formulations of existing biologics. The company has generated proof of concept analytical and preclinical data with its proprietary technology (patent filed) for rHI. The technology is being used for 4 other proteins and is sought by my collaborators for various applications. Our team is working in collaboration with pharma companies, academic laboratories, and government agencies to create thermostable and cost- effective biologics.

Our Pipeline

Our Global Team

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