Lung Cancer


Cancer is a genetic disease that results from abnormal cell growth caused by mutation. The abnormally growing cells travel through the lymphatic and blood systems from one location to another. Lung cancer is cancer that develops in the tissues of the lungs. It’s also known as pulmonary carcinoma, and it’s characterized by uncontrolled lung tissue growth.

Lung cancer, also known as lung carcinoma, is a disease in which uncontrolled cell growth occurs in the lungs. Cough, chest pain, weight loss, and shortness of breath are all common symptoms. The global Lung Cancer Therapeutics Market is expected to grow rapidly due to n increase in the incidence of lung cancer.



  • Reduce side effects
  • Educate the immune system to recognize and attack specific cancer cells.
  • Helps treat patients who have residual effects after undergoing surgery.
  • For Patients who do not want to undergo a surgery.

Lamark’s Solution: PEMBRE®- Direct pulmonary drug delivery of a Novel molecule.


  • Targeted drug delivery
  • Rapid onset of action
  • High drug concentration
  • Reduced drug dose
  • Less systemic toxicity
  • Avoids first-pass metabolism